Ready, Set, Grow

Ready, Set, Grow is a new early years program for English-speaking families with babies and toddlers in the MRC des Sources and MRC Val-Saint-François. You can choose to join the group that will meet online or the group that will meeting in person in Val-Des-Sources. Whether you live in Danville, Richmond, Val-des-Sources, Windsor or any surrounding municipalities, you can choose the group option that works best for your family. To register, you can call us or click the link below to fill out the online form.

In the Ready, Set, Grow program, parents gain skills and confidence which can enable them to create positive family patterns during their children’s crucial early years. Children benefit from enjoyable, healthy early experiences with language and communication.

Our Ready, Set, Grow partners:

  • Maison des familles FamillAction
  • Maison de la famille Les Arbrisseaux
  • Literacy in Action
  • Townshippers’ Association
  • CIUSSS-de-L’Estrie-CHUS
  • ValFamille

With financial support from:

  • PRÉE (Projet pour la réussite éducative en Estrie)
  • MRC des Sources
  • MRC du Val-Saint-François